Prolapse Rectum Treatment Situated at Foothills of Himalaya , a place known as Herbertpur .It comes under district Dehradun(Uttarakhand) .Centre provides the miracle Herbal Treatment for Prolapse Rectum .

Centre Provides exclusive Herbal treatment for Prolapse Rectum without going under surgical Process.

Medicines for the Treatment of Prolapse Rectum are quite safe and free from any side effects.

Centre provides exclusive treatment for Prolapse rectum, a disease in which Rectum comes out during defecation partially or totally ,sometimes it goes back automatically or sometimes patient has to do it manually .

This disease may be in Male ,female & Children.

Centre provides unique Herbal Treatment which works on the Principle of Ayurveda without any side effects. Medicine has the property of GRAHI (a term of Ayurveda which means to retain the organ at its own place giving strength to support muscles & Ligaments of Rectum) & controlling SAMAN & APAN VAYU ,the forces control digestion & act of defecation(Stretching & Contraction).